YTCCFS, Inc. is mandated to provide child protection services to our 16 First Nations.The Intake unit is the first contact for possible reports of child abuse and/ or neglect. They determine if the referral is screened in or out using the Structured Decision Making (SDM) tool. Once the need to respond is determined, the Family Service Worker conducts an investigation with the SDM framework and participates in safety planning with families, including referrals to community supports wherever possible to keep children safe and in the home. In the event the investigation identifies the need for ongoing child protective services, the Family Service Worker engages the family in a case plan to address identified safety and risk concerns for children. When a child must come into care, the Family Service Worker and the Family Resources Department work together to find a safe and culturally appropriate placement for the child. The Family Service Worker continues to work with the family and address the barriers to the child returning home safely. The Family Service Worker continues to use SDM tools to assess and guide case planning and identify the child's needs while in care.


Family Resource Department delivers a number of programs to support children and foster parents/ caregivers.


  • Individual, family and group counseling..
  • FASD training for families and communities.
  • Organizing stress and anger management programs.
  • Organizing stress and anger management programs.
  • Organizing stress and anger management programs.
  • Active parenting
  • Facilitating emergency shelter services in cooperation with the family service worker.
  • Case coordination with outside resource agencies.
  • Recruiting family support homes.
  • Training, certifying and approving family support homes.
  • Permanency planning.
  • Family finders.
  • Elder services.
  • Long Term/ Permanent Ward/ PSI Unit